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I got the transfers in exactly 2 days, so thanks for shipping them out right away.  This is the first time I have done a project like this and one so large.  I am a computer whiz, so I pride myself in doing research on the internet.  I was so lost and confused until I came to your page, looked at the projects you had done.  So I purchased your iron on transfers.  At first I was confused until I read the directions and tried my first test.  All I can say is WOW!  The colors are Vibrant and the process was so easy.  Your transfers have made my making almost 100 Tees so easy.  Thank you so much!! I will be ordering more soon to keep on hand, cause I think I might just get addicted to this!
 My rating:
Quality:  100%
Instructions:  100%
Timeliness in communication: 100%
Shipping Speed:  100%
One unstressed customer...Karen
I got the transfers very quickly!  Thank you!  They were perfectly packed and arrived in pristine condition.  The instructions were incredibly easy to follow, and I appreciated the extra tip of pre-peeling a corner of the design before trimming.  My designs printed out beautifully, with rich, vivid colors, and they stayed nice even after washing.  I didn't see any peeling or cracking on any of my designs after washing and drying.  I'm very, very happy with how easy these transfers are to use and incredibly pleased with the results.  I'll definitely be back to order more the next time I need to make shirts.   -  Marissa
Thank you for getting our transfers to us so quickly. They arrived in just a few days. We made 17 shirts this past weekend. We still have 13 to go. This was our first time ever to use transfers on t shirts. The instructions were so easy to follow for a newbie. My oldest daughter said "Mom, it looks like you bought it in a store." We are very happy with the results. Thank you.   Blessings, Lisa
I received my order extremely fast. Instructions were super easy and even included the some of the parchment paper suggested. I just finished my first shirt and am more happy than I thought I could be. I will definitely be ordering more and telling everyone I know to order as well. I'm so glad I found your iron ons. - Lance
Thank you for your prompt delivery of the iron on transfers. This is the first time that I have made t-shirts and they came out beautifully! The directions were quite clear and very helpful. Everyone was really impressed with how the shirts turned out. They are all expecting new shirts next year and I will definitely be using your transfers again!  Thank you!  - Rebecca
 I used two of my transfers yesterday and I love them.  So easy to iron on, and the quality is great!  Thanks   -  Kim
After being referred to Amy thru the disboards, I was so pleased with the quick turnaround of my order, ease of instructions and the completed projects.  My kids love their shirts!  I can think of so many opportunities for making custom shirts, etc.  Easy to use, fun to wear and Amy was great to work with.  Would highly recommend and will order again!---Kelly
My last order the transfers arrived 2 days after you mailed them, which was perfect, as I was making shirts for Big Gives and wanted to get them in the mail as soon as possible!  The packaging was wonderful and they did arrive in great condition (considering our mail carrier beats the living daylight out of stuff to cram it in our mailbox, this is saying a lot!).  The instructions were very easy to follow and the transfers are definitely the best I've ever used!  I even forgot to "pre-peel" some of the transfers before I cut them out and I still didn't have a problem with the design!   I know from one of the Big Give recipients that the shirts were washed several times and still looked as good as the day they arrived.  I just placed this order because I am making t-shirts to use as favors for my son's 3rd birthday party and even though my Mom offered me a package of transfer paper she'd bought someplace else, I said I didn't want to chance them not being as good as AmyMickey's!!!  Thanks again for such awesome service and a fantastic product!  -  Marianne
I just wanted to tell you that I received my transfers in record time and in perfect condition. This is my second order from you and I apologize for not making a comment the last time but between my design threads and just life...well. I absolutely love these transfers. I use them for light as well as dark colors and love the way the finished products look so professional. Your instructions are so easy to follow. I wouldn’t make my shirts any other way. I recommend your site as often as I can and if someone has a problem I tell them they should have used amymickey’s transfers. They will not be sorry and either am I. Thanks for a fantastic product. I know I will be back again and again.  Thanks so much,  Linda
OUR SHIRTS CAME OF FANTASTIC!  We had DCL guests and crew asking if they could join our family just so they could get a shirt! How long did it take to receive the transfers?  They arrived A LOT faster than anticipated!  Did they arrive in good/great condition?  Great condition- ready to go!  Are you happy with the instructions and the transfers themselves? Very simple, easy-to-follow instructions!  We will definitely use you again and tell our our friends about you!   Have a Magical Day!   - Crystal
I just wanted to let you know that I received the transfers 2 days after you sent them. The instructions were great, and even though I've never used iron on transfers before, all my shirts came out perfect. I haven't washed them since I applied the transfers, but if I have any problems, I'll let you know.  Thanks so much!   -  Laurie
The transfers are great!  They arrived in great condition.  The directions were super easy and accurate to follow.  I am so glad I found your site!  I would recommend them to anyone and will do that.  I bookmarked your site for future use.  I did find it on the dis boards.  I think someone had commented about them.  Thanks so much!    Amy  :)
These are THE BEST transfers I have ever used, hands down.  They are so much better quality than what I have previously purchased from office supply stores and craft stores.  My t-shirts look great!  Even my husband is impressed.  They arrived very quickly and in great condition and the instructions that were included were well detailed and easy to follow. I'll be back to buy more!   Thanks!  -  Jennifer
Thank you! This is my second order for your transfers. The first order arrived very quickly (ordered on Friday, arrived on Tuesday with Monday being a holiday!). I used the first set this weekend and they worked out beautifully. My only struggle was my own old printer and my anxiety about which color shirt to use with which Design. Once I let go of all that and just ironed one on, it was so easy! The instructions were very easy to follow. I did the pre-peel back on the first shirt but forgot on the second. I would recommend using the pre-peel step. The actual iron on process was very quick and easy. The pictures look great on the shirt... so good that I want to do more, hence the second order. Can't wait to give them to my kids next week when we do the big surprise! Thanks again.  -  Chris
I finally got a chance to make my first t-shirts with your transfers and they came out awesome! I was so happy to not have to flip my image and hope that I got it placed just right on the shirt. It was so nice to place the image exactly where I wanted it before I started to iron. Your directions are clear and well-detailed, and the transfers arrived quite quickly! My girls already want me to make more shirts, so off to the store I go tomorrow!  Thanks again,  Tracey
I just finished making another batch of shirts using your iron transfers. It was so simple and the shirts turned out amazingly well!!   Thanks again!  Susie
Thank you so much for these iron on transfers.  I received them within a few days of placing my order and the directions are so simple to follow.  I just used all 20 of them today along with store bought transfers that I previously had and I was more impressed with yours.  It took less time to iron your transfers onto the shirts and the quality was much better.  I will be posting pics of my finished shirts soon on the dis boards and I will make sure to mention your transfers.  Thank you!  Thank you!!  Thank you!!!  Carrie
I ordered the transfers on a Sunday of a holiday weekend and received them that following Wednesday.  They arrived super quick and Amy emailed me as soon as she put them in the mail.  They arrived in great condition with instructions and parchment paper to get my project started.   I have never done iron-on transfers before but I was AMAZED at how easy they were to use and how smooth they looked.  The instructions were very understandable and easy to use.  They washed up great and I am so glad I chose to use Amy's transfers for my daughter's party favors.  Amy's transfers are amazing.  They were so easy to use and looked beautiful.  We made transfers for a black shirt and they looked great.  Amy's customer service and prompt attention to my order was impressive and I will definitely order from her again.  I am now addicted to making T-shirts!  :0)  Thank You!  - Katrina
I recieved the transfers on Thursday so it took about a week to get them.  I've made two shirts so far and your transfers are great. They are very easy to use and the instructions are great. The transfers are super soft.  My grandson has had many compliments from parents at his pre-school wanting to know who makes all his shirts.  Thank-you so much for all your designs and your great transfers.  I'm sure I'll be ordering more in the future!  -Cindy
The transfers arrived very quickly.  I got them on either Monday or Tuesday.  They arrived in perfect condition.  I was happy with the instructions and the transfers.  I used them on tote bags, so did not wash them and probably won't.  I really liked the tip about pulling back the corner beyond the edge of the design before cutting them out.   -Erin
Just got my transfers and wow!! Are you fast:) Everything perfect as usual:) Now, I can't wait to make my shirts:)  I always suggest your transfers to anyone who needs "help" in buying transfers....have a great weekend:)  -Marilyn
I took everyone's advise from disboards.com and ordered Amy's transfers.  I couldn't control myself when it came to all the wonderful disigns there on the board and I started counting what I had and realized I didn't have enough.  I went to Walmart and bought the Avery brand for the few extras I needed.  I started printing them and then I printed one on the Avery brand and I have to say it is HORRIBLE!   I won't even go into having to flip the image before printing on the Avery brand!  With Amy's you just click print!!  I didn't even have to compare it to the ones I had just printed on the transfers from Amy to know it was not even close to the same quality!!   It wasn't near as clear, the colors aren't as bright, and it smudged. 
Amy's instructions were very easy to follow, I did have one question about peeling the back off, I emailed Amy and she responded right away with the answer to my question.  The process could not have been easier!! 
just ordered some more from Amy, I will not use the Avery's on any shirt!  Thanks Again!!  Melinda
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