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These transfers are amazing. I will have to admit I was skeptical. I had tried a million different transfers without great results.  I decided to give these a try before I vowed never to make T’s again.  When they came in the mail, after the fastest shipping on the planet and I read the directions that you only ironed on for like 30 seconds I thought who is she kidding. But they are awesome. Iron on quickly, look great and even better wash great. Thanks Amy for all your research and your help.  Gotta go so I can order more!!!!   -  Kelli

I've ordered before and they are THE BEST!  I had to use another store brand in an emergency and there is no comparison.  Yours have the best quality, color and wash and wear time after time the best.  I will always try and have a stash on hand from now on.   - Jen
I used your transfers before and I love them! They arrived super quick and in great conditin. Your direction are very easy to follow. I love how thin the transfer are and they are very easy to iron on the Tee's compared to some of the other brands that I have used. As for how they wash, THEY ARE INCEDIBLE!!! My husband still wears some of the shirts that I made for our trip and there is no cracking in the trasfers!!! Some of the other brands cracked after the first time in the washer and dryer but not yours.  - Kim
I received the transfers in 3 days..super quick shipping..I started last night with the 1st t-shirts and can i just say they look amazing..I have not washed them yet but im sure they will be great. The instructions are super easy and im floored by the quality of the transfers. Thank you so much!!! I will be sure to order more when i need them..Thanks     -  Kelly
Received my transfers yesterday - 2 day shipping - WOW!  I had my shirts washed and ready to go.  Finished them this morning and they look great!  The instructions were easy to follow and my colors came out just like they looked on my computer screen.   My children were not happy about the stiffness of the decals on shirts I had done using other transfers - but they would have no complaints with these!  The decal area is very soft!  I'm hooked!  Thanks so much!    -  Jonette
This weekend was our family's t-shirt making party for our upcoming trip.  The transfers arrived quickly and in great condition. The instructions were very detailed and helpful.  I've been making shirts for Disney trips for about two years now and I have had some blunders in the past.  Your transfers printed so nicely.  The quality of the paper was fantastic.  The ironing time was quick and easy.  The finished product was amazing. Everyone was very impressed! When I first told them I ordered the transfers from a woman on Disboards they thought I was nuts lol. But as the day went on and the shirts were coming out so fantastic I couldn't help but talking up the Creative Disign section of Disboards and how the great people that post there are really the ones to thank. My family wanted so many shirts that the original 20 transfers I ordered was not enough! I'm off to place another order on your site. Thank so much!   - Leslie
I own a home daycare and I made 5 shirts using your transfers almost a year ago. They have been washed and worn more times than I can count and still look fantastic!  - Kim
I always recommend Amy’s transfers to anyone making t-shirts.  The directions are easy, the transfers work wonderfully and the finished product is always great.   -  Penny
We have finally made out T-shirts and presented them to our daughter and her friends. If you could only see their excitement!!!  Your designs and your transfers are superior! They look great on fabric. I only wish you could be here to witness the happiness we were able to give our children with your help.  Thank you again, great job!   -  Yelena
I have used your transfers before and they are ABSOLUTELY the best ones I have ever used. I have 2 shirts I made in the spring of 2009, my kids still wear them and they still look like new. They are worth the price.   -  Tami

The transfers arrived quickly with great instructions.  These were my first ever iron ons and I made 20 shirts - they turned out great!  Thanks for providing a great product!   - Colleen

I LOVE your transfers. Your directions are simple, I didn't think I would be able to do shirts, but you made it easy! They have worked so well that I've started making shirts for everything. I have washed them numerous times now and there is no fading or cracking, I'm amazed!  Thank you so much.   -Karen

I finally made the t-shirts, and the transfer paper is AWESOME. I was definitely nervous to use it but the whole process was super easy, worked amazingly well, and best of all it looks incredible. Please don't ever stop selling this transfer paper!!  -Liz

Those transfers were absolutely awesome!!  Easy peasy instructions and an excellent outcome!!  Thanks!   - Nancy

I wanted you to know I received my transfers in two days- ordered them Saturday and had them by Tuesday- can't believe it. I've done a couple shirts with the last set of transfers I ordered from you and they came out fantastic-even my husband is impressed.  I'm always getting compliments on your designs and asked how I did the shirts- these transfers are better than any in the hobby and craft stores- easy to use, wash and wear well, and not stiff.  Thanks for all your help,  - Dottie

Consider me a customer for life!  I had such a horrible experience last November making t shirts for the boys. The transfers I used were horrible and I ended up with awesome DISigns that my boys loved but unfortunately they cracked after the 1st washing! I’m pretty crafty, so I took it to heart and was so disappointed. When we came back, I did some research on the DISboards and came across your t shirt transfers. With so many people recommending them, I figured I’d give them a try. I ordered a while back and to be honest, I’ve waited until the last minute to make the shirts because I was afraid of being disappointed again.  Last night I dragged out the iron and ironing board and made 4 shirts in no time. These transfers are AWESOME!!! The directions were easy to follow and they applied to the t shirt like a dream. They are so smooth and flexible and the colors are so vibrant. My boys are going to be so thrilled when they see these t shirts. Thank you so much for providing a quality product- your transfers are the only ones I’ll use from here on out.         –Tami

I absolutely loved the transfers. They were super easy to iron on with, soft and flexible and the colors are so vibrant! They have been washed SEVERAL times (no dryer) and are still just as beautiful as the first day I made them over a month ago. No cracks, fading or peeling! Definitely THE best transfer paper I've used! My only regret is that I should have used these for our Disney trip in January...those shirts didn't last past the week's vacation...next trip I'm ordering these transfers and not wasting my money on the Avery or HP ones!  -Kim

The transfers are wonderful!!! I can't believe how beautiful the irons come out. The colors are bold and awesome...  –Marilyn

The first thing I noticed and appreciated were the instructions.   This was only my 2nd time making shirts - and the first time I wasted several pages as the instructions were not as basic.   I didn't waste any sheets this time around, which tickled me to death.  
Other positives were that I placed my order on Monday, and had the transfers on Wednesday.  As hard as it is sometimes to make a trip to Walmart or a craft store, this made getting the iron ons faster & easier for me.   The transfers stuck well and the colors were very bright.    I ordered another package to do more shirts.   – Deb

I love your dark transfer paper! I made 4 shirts and 2 tote bags for our Disneyland trip. Every design worked perfectly and passed the wash/dry test with flying colors. The designs did not crack, peel, bleed or tear in the washing machine. I will definitely buy these transfers with our next trip. I'm even thinking about using the transfers for a birthday party.  Thanks so much!!      - mom2ian (Disboards)

Amy sent the transfer sheets promptly. I followed her direction and my t-shirt came out perfect on the first try. I would highly recommend her product. It is so easy to do. Looking forward to doing some more!   -Angela

Just wanted to say the transfer sheets worked wonderful on the shirts that we are working on for our upcoming Disney cruise. We have a few of them done and still have more to do, but they went on beautifully, arrived in great condition, and the instructions were super easy!! Great product!!  - Lisa (tngal)

I can't thank you enough for your prompt service. I didn't want to post until I had actually used the transfers, but now I have made 3 shirts and I love them. Everything is turning out so good!  I don't have experience with transfers, but I do know these have been wonderful. On top of that, your customer service is better than I have EVER experienced.  – Lisa

I used up my first order in no time and this is my second set of 20.  They really are as you described them.  Much nicer to work with and the finished product is more professional looking.  Can't wait to make more shirts!  - Salli

I used the transfers today and they are fantastic! I can't believe how easy they went on and how great they look! The colors are so vibrant. I probably should have ordered more....
Thanks for offering them. I would have to agree that they are, by far, the easiest transfers I've ever used.
Hooray! No more ruined shirts!   -Denise

Amy, OMG!!!!  These transfers are THE best transfers ever!  You were so right!  They go on so smoothly and they look so professional. I mean seriously, like I paid some shop to do them. Also, they do not stink like so many of the other transfers do.  I am so happy that you have them.  I have only done three of the ten and I am already in love with them!  I can't wait to do the rest!!  Thanks a million!!      -Jenica

She loves it and the paper worked great... it is soft and doesn't feel stiff like other paper I have used.. I have a lot more shirts to be making...     -Angela

Just wanted to let you know, I ordered your transfers from your website and they got here SO FAST!! Now I can't wait to use them - but I wasn't that prepared - I still have to get the shirts!!        -jrpatter                         

Wow, Amy!  I just finished my big give wish shirts.   I am so glad I waited for these transfers to arrive before making them!  They turned out GREAT!!!  They look and feel soooo much better than the HP transfer shirts I have made.  I want these shirts to bring lasting memories for this Make-A-Wish family and if these transfer stay looking as good as they do now, they will be able to look at them long after the kids are too big for them.  Thank you for your part in the Big Give!!

I would like to say that this transfer paper is THE BEST! I will be ordering more! When my husband saw the shirts he asked if I took them to the t-shirt shop to have them screened printed. They look that good in person!!   Tracie

I have used various different iron ons in the past and you can TOTALLY tell the quality of this brand you offer, I absolutely LOVE it and it  makes me want to make all of my shirts for our trip next year NOW!!!  Mickimousemama      

I got the transfers today!! The instructions look great and easy to follow and they came in great condition! I'll let you know as soon as I use them, I'm excited! :)    Angela E.

OMG Amy!  You were right!  These are the BEST transfers I've ever used!!  I'm so glad you've found them and shared them with us all!
Sue Claxton~Showpony on the DIS boards

So far, these have been the best transfers I have used! I made a shirt this morning and it ironed on so quickly and easily. I did not have to obsess about the edges - they adhered right to the shirt with no issues. The final test will be once I wash it a few times but so far (thumbs up).    Thanks for the quick shipping too!      Jennifer B. (jenb1023)

These transfers are great!!  Easy to use and they look fabulous. I would tell anyone considering these to go ahead and try them. They are wonderful.  Thank you      -Tami

Thanks so much for getting the transfers out so quick. Just like last time I got them in two days. The directions you included couldn't have been easier. This was my first time making T-shirts so I was a little apprehensive but your instructions were so easy you had me transferring like a pro after my first shirt. I've made 8 so far with another 8 to go for our upcoming trip in 3 weeks. The shirts look fantastic. I will definitely be ordering more transfers for our girls only trip coming up next year.  -JoAnne

I made my first shirts using your transfers and they are great.  I love the feel of them, not stiff like the others brands I have tried.  I would recommend them to anyone!  Thanks for sharing your find with us!  -Crissy

I love these transfers!!! I just ordered my second round of transfers...the neighbors were envious!  Thanks Amy!  -Crystal

The transfers are A.W.E.S.O.M.E.!!!! Amy...they're the easiest I've ever used! –Laura (roscoepc1) 

OK, I just now finished ironing my first set of shirts and they are absolutely perfect!!!  Well, I will not be using the light transfers ANYMORE!  They look awful compared to the shirts that I did with your transfers.  These transfers are awesome!  They don't even compare to the ones sold in the craft store! – Sandi S.

I made a couple of shirts for our trip. I thought the iron-ons were great. They were very easy to use. The shirts turned out very nice. I have washed my shirt 3 times and it looks like day one. You shipped them very fast and the instructions easy to follow. I'm very happy with them.  -Kelly

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