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Thank you so much for your quick delivery of these transfers.  They arrived in great condition and the instructions were very informative as I have never done an iron on before.  I was pleasantly surprised at how pliable the iron on felt.  These transfers gave a lot of confidence to a novice like myself.  Thanks again, Cindy
Got the transfers quickly....arrived in great condition...with very clear instructions.  Printed easily and ironed on very easily as well.  This was our first time doing any iron on transfers and we couldn't be happier with the results!  Thanks for a great product.   - Scott
So far the transfers are fantastic!!! I could feel the difference in quality immediately and the colors of the printing are so vibrant, I don’t think that I will use any other type of transfer again!!!!  I have not washed the shirts yet so I cannot comment on that aspect, but I will be happy to let you know once I do.  I was amazed at how quickly they arrived. If I remember correctly I ordered them on Friday night and they were here on Monday afternoon! It was a pleasure working with you and I am now off to put in another order  -  Paula
No problem. If they are exactly the same as the last 4 years, I already have feedback. Not only have I used them for my sister & I and our families but I've also used them for a friend of mine who had matching tshirts for all 7 days of their trip. I had her buy from youThey are easy to use, and I haven't had any peel and we've washed some for over 3 years. Any time there are homemade matching tshirts: they're yours.  And you ship super fast!  Thanks!  -  Esther
This is about the 5th time I buy your transfer.  I of course LOVE THEM. . .really easy to use.  I usually get them quick.  I have washed the shirts lots of times and the transfer holds. . even when put in a dryer. Thanks, Sabrina
I've ordered several times from Amy because these are the best transfers I've found!  I've tried many brands and none have held up like these do.  Some of my shirts have been washed over 30 times and they still look great!  I LOVE that they work on both white and dark shirts and also that you don't have to do a mirror image.  Amy is very responsive and ships quickly.  Try them - you won't be disappointed!   -  Jennifer
I ordered your transfers a while ago and I just got around to making our shirts.  They turned out great, and the process was so easy.  I was very nervous, because I had tried doing transfers once before, using transfer paper from the craft store.  It was a nightmare.  I ruined two shirts and a cutting board because the transfers just wouldn't stick.  I just made our shirts using your transfer paper, and what a difference!  Your instructions make it so simple and the results are great.  Thanks for a wonderful product.   -  Beth
Thank you very much for the papers! I got them very quickly and your directions were super helpful! I am very pleased with how rich and vibrant the shirts have turned out, thank you!!!!! I will definitely be ordering from you next time I need transfer papers!   -  Kristi
I am a very satisfied returning customer. This is my 3rd time to order from you and I will throw in some praises on my PTR on the DISboards:   I have been touting you to others anytime shirt discussion comes up in other PTRs or threads I read on any of the many Disney-related boards I frequent. I love your transfers and am very impressed with the fact that they can be washed so many times and still look great. Others I have tried before start to 'crack' or the corners lift. Yours are perfect!  - John
The transfers came within the week I purchased them with complete easy to follow directions.  The transfers arrived well protected and flat.  I found them very easy to use and they looked great.  I was disappointed with the way they washed up, even following the directions.  They washed up all wrinkled, but the boys don't care.  They use them as play shirts now.  I will purchase more transfers from Amy and highly recommend her product.  Thank you, Pamela
I just wanted to let you know the transfers arrived today.  I haven't used them yet, but I ordered from you last year and made several shirts and a tote bag.  The transfers were very easy to use with clear instructions and even a year later, look great!  Thanks so much for everything!  - Melissa
I just started putting my shirts together today.  Your iron-ons are so easy to use!!  (Except for separating the paper, but even that's not too bad!)  They look so nice, & they are so soft!!  I have to order more tomorrow.  Thank you so much!  - Lori
Thanks again!  I am so happy with your transfers.  The colors look so nice and bright on the t-shirts!  My family loves the shirts I have made and they were so easy to use, I bought more!!!  :) Amy
Ok so I have ordered 2 sets of transfers and used them for the first time today. I made my first set of shirts came out great. I am so impressed with the transfers. The shirts look better then I expected. I want to thank you for you help and such a wonderful product. I will definitely recommend your website to all my friends. I am definitely a customer for life.  - Brittany
Just wanted to let you know the transfers worked out great!!  Instructions were super easy to follow and the transfers went on beautifully (very vibrant colors).  I love that you don't have to worry about flipping the image when printing.  A friend who is using a different store bought brand to make her shirts has been so frustrated with flipping images and wanted to know why I wasn't having any problems.  I told her it was because of these rockin' transfers I got!!!  I washed our shirts a few days after doing them and they look perfect.  Can't wait to wear our shirts and make more in the future.  Will definitely only order transfers from you from here on out! - Melinda
I just wanted to comment on your transfer papers.  They are awesome!! We received them very quickly, within a couple of days.  The directions were clear and easy to follow.  We were able to make our kids some really neat shirts, which they loved.  They washed up great, really soft and held the color well.  Now we have had to reorder because the rest of our family is demanding shirts for our upcoming Disney trip.  Thanks so much for having this available.  -Maria
Thank you so much for your FAST shipment!  I received the transfers on Wednesday!  I didn't have a chance to work on my shirts until yesterday, but I LOVE how they turned out!  I've used several types of transfers in the past, and NONE worked as easily as yours.  I haven't washed the creations yet, but I have every confidence that they will wash & dry well based on the feedback of others.  Thanks again!  :)  Kirsten
I love the transfers and your directions.  They're easy to use and look great on white or dark shirts.  I ordered the transfers on a Friday night and received them the following Wednesday.  I've washed the shirts twice since making them and have not had any running of the colors.  I've used 3 different brands available at stores in the past and the amymickey transfers are far superior to the others I've tried.   Thanks again for the awesome transfers.  From now on I won't use anything else!  -Faith
It's perfect! Thank you so much. By the way, I used your transfers a few times this summer. They are still beautiful and colorful with no fading or cracking at all after many washes.  - Melanie
The transfers were AWESOME!!!! I was pretty nervous as I have never done this before but it was so easy. The instructions were right on and the shirts turned out really professional looking! I’m actually getting on your site to order some more right after I click Send!!!!!  - Brandi
The last set arrived in 2-3 days after receiving your e-mail.  They arrived in great condition.  Very happy with the instructions and the transfers.  If you're not using a white shirt, careful cutting is very important!!  I've only washed one shirt so far, but it came out great even on a high heat dryer cycle.  No cracking at all!
I am just loving these transfers.  I can't believe how easy they are to work with!  I can't wait for everyone to see their shirts.  This is a tremendous product and I can't say enough about them!  - Stacey
Finally got to use my transfers.  They worked great!  The instructions you provided were easy to follow and the shirts I made came out beautifully vibrant and are on the shirts to stay!  Thanks again.  One other comment I should have included was the lightning fast delivery after I placed the order.  That was crucial for me and you delivered in spades!   - Barbara
Thank you.  This is my second order now.  I have already made 24 shirts using your transfers, and they turned out absolutely beautiful!  The colors are so bright!  I can't wait to get to Disney and wear them!  The directions that you included were extremely easy to follow, and I had no problems at all.  This was my first attempt at doing anything like this, and all of my shirts turned out perfect!  I would highly recommend your transfers to anyone doing iron on designs.  Thank you for offering such a great product!  - Karen
When my family decided to go MNSSHP in 2009 I decided to try my hand at making t-shirts.  After readying about different transfers I decided to try Amy's.  Having never done transfers before I was nervous about then.  Well, I shouldn't have been.  They printed beautifully on my inkjet printer and were so easy to apply.  I even "glittered up" some for my daughter.  We have worn them and washed them and they came out great.  Thank you Amy for making it so easy.  I just ordered my second set to start designing for our 2010 Thanksgiving weekend trip.  -Linda
I printed my first set of transfers 2 days ago, trimmed them last night, and ironed them on today.   When they came out of the printer, I was a little concerned with the quality of the image. It just looked washed out. Once I ironed the first transfer on though, and removed the parchment the colors were just as vivid as on my computer monitor! I have used light transfers before, and I could tell the difference once I began the ironing process. It took minimal time for them to set, unlike the Avery transfers which were a guessing game.   Anyway, thank you for finding the best transfers out there and supplying them to people. I would have been heartbroken if I would have done all the work of printing, cutting, and ironing, only for the beautiful shirts to run, fade and ruin.                      - Summer

Your transfers exceeded my expectations!   Your shipping was so fast!  Your directions, perfect!  T-shirts for family vacation turned out great.  They have been washed 4 and 5 times and still look like day one!  Thanks so much for offering such a great product!  -Kelleigh M.

These are the best transfers we have bought ever, and we have bought many!  They are washing great and so easy to do and iron on the shirt.  I know we will be ordering more soon!  They are well worth the price!   - Thanks, Melissa

I will say that these transfers are excellent and went beyond my expectations! The colors print so vividly and the quality is excellent! They last and last and last!! I have washed them for over 3 months, and dried them in the dryer and they still look great! Thanks AMY  - Rhonda M

It went so well I'll be placing another order for more transfers!!  Considering I'm a couple thousand miles away, I actually received them in 2 days which is incredible. Shipping envelope they were sent in protected the transfers perfectly.  I'm a big burly guy who shouldn't be able to do anything like this, but with the instructions I had no problem!!  I was amazed at how easy and fun it was.  The fact that I washed them and it still looks great is awesomeThanks Amy -  David P

The transfers were shipped quickly and I received them within 2 days. The instructions are well written and easy to follow. These transfers are high quality and last much longer than any other brand that I have used. I used them on white and black shirts and they were great. I highly recommend this product for high quality personalized shirts!!!  Thanks,  Amy

Here's a hint for all of the other non-crafty people out there: I forgot to peel the back on one of the smaller images. DON'T continue if you've already iron-on an image without removing the back. When you realize your mistake, STOP, toss it, and print a new one. I am SO NOT A CRAFTY PERSON, yet it turned out fab!  YOU have GREAT transfers. The shirt I made for my friend's birthday turned out fabulous. Being as I can't so much as sew on a button (that's what husband's are for, frankly) I was shocked and surprised how well the shirt turned out the very first time I tried. The instructions are very easy to follow. Oh, and my friend was so in awe of her shirt, too! Thank you!  -Dawn

Amy, Received my transfers 2 days after ordering. And ordering couldn't have been easier. The instructions were easy to follow and the transfers easy to iron on. They are so soft! Even though this was my first project - all 4 of the shirts came out perfect. I will never buy another transfer from anyone else. And to know that if I did have a question and could e-mail you was a benefit you don't get from those other companies. Thanks. Margie

I finally got all our shirts made for this Sunday's trip, and I absolutely LOVE the transfers! They are the best I've used. The colors are so crisp and clear, and the transfers are soft and very pliable. Our shirts look terrific! I also made shirts for my brother and his wife back in May for their trip, and they said the shirts laundered really well. No cracking or peeling. I'll definitely be ordering more.   -Elizabeth

This paper is amazing.  It does not feel like normal transfer paper.  The shirts feel like a store bought shirt with the transfer on it.  There is no cracking or stiffness like with other paper.  Just ordered more paper from Amy!  -Shonna (Dis:  MinnieNurse)

I love the transfers. They were great. I was a little worried about how the shirts would come out because when I printed it out on regular paper the colors were not bright at all. But when I printed them out on the transfer paper they were beautiful. Easy to use. The instructions were simple and easy. I prewashed the shirts and dried them without fabric softener. I have not washed them since making them though. -Brenda

I received my transfers within 2 days and in good condition. I made a shirt for my son to wear for his 1st birthday party (the baby Sesame Street characters on a red shirt....to match Elmo), and it looks great. This was my first time using an iron-on transfer so I was a little nervous about messing it up. But the directions were easy to follow, and it turned out really cute!! I love the design and I can't wait for my son to wear it this weekend!  -- RPE

Here are the pictures of shirts that I made today:) They turned out Wonderful. Your directions were perfect. I had never done a project like this before and I had no problems whatsoever. The transfers were so soft it's like they literally melted into the fabric. I used the transfers on baby onesies, dryfit t-shirts, regular t-shirts and ribbed tank tops. They look great on all of these fabrics. Thank you so much!!!  - Amanda

I just got to tell you!  These are FANTASTIC transfers!  I admit I was skeptical at first.  I bought some other ones first...name brand you would probably know.  I wasn't impressed at ALL with the quality of the transfers after printing, and even less after the transfer process.  I followed the instructions to the letter and ended up with a pink background on a red shirt...should have been white!  I had two options...use  white shirts for all the shirts planned, or get your transfers.  I chose option #2.  I am so glad I did!  Not only did they print clearer, but they turned out perfectly!  I am so impressed! I did have one possible boo-boo.  All my Mickey heads looked funny...I chalked it up to my printer and decided to go ahead and use them anyway.  After the transfer process...they were perfect!  I can't wait to order another 20 and get some more t shirts!   Again, thank you for a quality product!  - Nini     P.S. I did forget to add how soft they feel...the other ones were so hard and 'plastic-y'.  I cannot begin to tell you how pleased I am with these!  Even my 8 year old daughter remarked how soft they were!

The instructions were very easy to follow.  The prints looked really great!!!!!  Have ironed on several designs.  My DH was even impressed (I was skeptical that he would wear them) and is excited to wear the shirt I made him.  Thanks so much!!!!!  This is my first attempt to do this so I don't really have anything to compare to.  When reading all the info on the DIS I decided it was better to pay a little more for good quality than to go with the cheap ones and end up ruining shirts.  I am very happy with these!  Thanks,  Cristy

The transfers arrived within a few days of placing the order in perfect condition. The instructions were extremely easy to follow and the process went extremely smoothly. Our t-shirts turned out perfectly and we cannot wait to wear them next week! Thank you so much for you excellent customer service. We will definitely order more of your transfers in the future!   - Loucinda

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